Blackhawk Farms – WERA – June 1991

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Hayes, Yoder shine at Blackhawk
By Larry Lawrence
S. Beloit, IL., June 16

Dean Hayes and Ray Yoder shared the spotlight in WERA sprint racing action at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. Hayes won the most races on the weekend, while Yoder hauled home the most cash. The weekend gave many lesser known riders a chance to show their stuff since many of the top WERA racers were racing at the AMA National at Loudon.

Hayes is a first year expert from Ohio, and he is progressing well racing with the fastest racers in the midwest. The former WERA Novice Champion came to Blackhawk with new machines, a Honda CBR 600 F/2 and a Kawasaki ZX-7.

In his first race, the combined C Superstock/C Production, Hayes battled in the early going with veteran racer Charles Buse, also Honda mounted. Buse, probably the most experienced rider at the tricky circuit at this event, used his vast knowledge of the track to keep Hayes in check. Half-way through the race the young Ohio rider began to feel comfortable with the track and his machine and began to pull away from Buse. In the end Hayes had a four second lead over Buse.

In the very next race Hayes won convincingly in the A Production race aboard his Kawasaki. In his final race of the day Hayes took on another long-time racer Doug Henry. Hayes followed Henry for much of the race, but he led when it counted most, the final lap.

Yoder was the biggest name rider at Blackhawk this weekend. The Illinois rider skipped Loudon in order to chase Suzuki cash close to home.

Yoder rode flawlessly in both the A and B Superstock races and won both races easily to win $1000 in Suzuki contingency.

In two of the better races of the day, Dave Hansen took a hard-fought win in B Superbike, and Kurt Koops won the D Superbike race with some talented late-race riding.

Brian Conley took the point in on the opening lap of the D Superbike race. Koops didn’t waste any time in catching the leader, and he quickly glued himself to Conley’s rear wheel. The two leading experts were having a great dice for the lead, when quick-learning novice Rueben Frankenfield rudely made his presence known by swooping under Koops through the high-speed kink Turn Two. Koops didn’t take kindly to a novice stuffing him, so he promptly returned the favor going into the next turn.

Frankenfield once again got by Koops and the race came to a boiling point. The pivotal move came on lap six. As the lead trio came upon lapped traffic going into the carousel, Koops saw his chance and outbraked Frankenfield, Conley and the backmarker. The other two were stuck behind the lapped rider while Koops built a two second lead that he held to the finish.

Dave Hansen took the lead in the B Superbike race on the second lap only to find himself being hotly pursued by Steve Palella and John Erdrich. Hansen did a masterful job of keeping the other riders, especially the hard-charging Palella, at bay the rest of the way to win the race.


A Superstock: 1. Ray Yoder (Suz); 2. Stevie Patterson (Suz); 3. Steve Palella (Suz); 4. Curtis Pimentel (Suz).

B Superstock: 1. Ray Yoder (Suz); 2. John Erdrich (Kaw); 3. Dave Hansen (Suz); 4. Steve Palella (Suz); 5. Alan Bertagnoli (Suz).

C Superstock: 1. Charles Buse (Hon); 2. Al Hall (Yam); 3. Gaines Desloge.

Formula Open: 1. John Erdrich (Kaw); 2. Steve Patterson (Suz); 3. Andrew Perkins (Yam); 4. Stan Marcinczyk (Suz).

Formula Two Ex: 1. Jeff Vos (Rtx); 2. Kurt Koops (Yam); 3. Andrew Perkins (Yam); 4. Brian Conley (Yam); 5. Kirk Reuille (Yam).

Formula Two Nov: 1. Rueben Frankenfield (Yam); 2. Chris Sweeney (Yam); 3. William Sweeney (Yam); 4. Jason Tresslar (Yam); 5. Darrell Wenke (Yam).

Formula Three Ex: 1. Paul Morris (Hon); 2. Frank Brotz (Kaw).

A Superbike Ex: 1. Stevie Patterson (Suz); 2. Ray Sandoz (Yam).

A Superbike Nov: 1. Eric Smith (Suz); 2. Steve Boucher (Suz); 3. Chris Wicker (Yam); 4. Jamie Worthington (Hon) 5. Bruce Long (Hon).

B Superbike Ex: 1. Dave Hansen (Suz); 2. Steve Palella (Suz); 3. John Erdrich (Kaw); 4. Doug Henry (Yam).

B Superbike Nov: 1. Eric Smith (Suz); 2. Brett Harrelson (Kaw); 3. Steve Boucher (Suz); 4. Chris Wicker (Yam); 5. David Shine (Yam).

C Superbike Ex: 1. Doug Henry (Yam); 2. Charles Buse (Hon); 3. Gaines Desloge (Hon); 4. Al Hall (Yam).

C Superbike Nov: 1. Brett Harrelson (Hon); 2. David Marchino (Yam); 3. Lanny Allen (Hon); 4. Rueben Frankenfield (Yam); 5. Chris Sweeney (Yam).

D Superbike Ex: 1. Kurt Koops (Yam); 2. Brian Conley (Yam).

D Superbike Nov: 1. Rueben Frankenfield (Yam); 2. William Sweeney (Yam); 3. Jason Tresslar (Yam); 4. Darrell Wencke (Yam); 5. Brian Weber (Yam).

A Production Ex: 1. Dean Hayes (Kaw); 2. Ray Sandoz (Yam).

A Production Nov: 1. Brett Harrelson (Kaw); 2. Mark Fleischman (Yam); 3. Donald Fine (Hon); 4. Chris Demopoulos (Yam); 5. Jeff Wilder (Yam).

B Production Ex: 1. Dean Hayes (Kaw); 2. Doug Henry (Yam); 3. Ray Sandoz (Yam).

B Production Nov: 1. David Marchino (Yam); 2. Donald Fine (Hon); 3. Steve Boucher (Hon); 4. Chris Demopoulos (Yam); Lanny Allen (Hon).

C Production Ex: 1. Dean Hayes (Hon); 2. Doug Henry (Yam); 3. Brian Conley (Yam).

C Production Nov: 1. David Marchino (Yam); 2. Lanny Allen (Hon); 3. Jeff Wilder (Yam); 4. Donald Fine (Hon); 5. Mark Fleischman (Yam).

D Production Ex: 1. Brian Conley (Yam).

D Production Nov: 1. William Sweeney (Yam); 2. Jason Tresslar (Yam); 3. Darrell Wencke (Yam); 4. Brian Weber (Yam); 5. Joe Kniesly (Yam).

Clubman Ex: 1. Mark Slavens (Hon); 2. Paul Morris (Hon); 3. Frank Brotz (Kaw).

Clubman Nov: 1. Kenneth Tapscott (Yam); 2. Mark Fleischman (Yam); 3. Jeff Bandstra (Hon); 4. Heidi Smakula (Suz); 5. David Bidner

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4 thoughts on “Blackhawk Farms – WERA – June 1991

    1. Yeah, certainly looks like Don’s stature and face with his glasses on. I do think 50 was his number. I was hoping he would be on an Interceptor with woodgrain contact paper on it though. 😀 Would make him really easy to identify.


    1. Only Rosno would remember the woody interceptor. Yup, #50 was me. 990 is Chris Demopoulos. 785 is Mark Sweeney. Thanks Larry for remembering the old days. Don Fine


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