Blackhawk Farms – WERA – July 1987

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Key Takes Blackhawk Win
By Larry Lawrence

Ed Key once again showed the form which has won him scores of races at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in winning the C Production contest and $1500 from Honda Key, like several of the Honda riders, travelled from Grattan, Michigan the night before, after competing in a Honda contingency race there. Key was disappointed in his machine’s performance the day before, but with the help of fellow rider Gary Gibson, his machine was ready for Blackhawk. Key was by far the fastest rider during Sunday morning practice sessions but would have to beat front-row starter Scott Zampach who qualified on Saturday.

Zampach was concerned with his own machine’s readiness for Sunday’s finals. “l just got the bike Thursday and I really haven’t had time to shake it down. Eddie (Key) is running real strong, it’s going to be a tough race,” said Zampach.

Zampach led the first lap but Key was quickly through the field and in hot pursuit of Zampach. For two laps Zampach and Key went wheel-to-wheel before Key got by for good on the third lap.

The rest of the race Key put on a clinic on how to ride a smooth, consistent and fast race. Each lap Key took the same precise line at the exact same speed and in the same gear as the lap before.

At the finish it was Key by a good margin, then Zampach and a large gap to third-place Boonie Knott.


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2 thoughts on “Blackhawk Farms – WERA – July 1987

  1. Thanks for the post Larry, great memories. Saturday at Grattan was not a good day for the North Shore Racing team. Gary crashed out of the money race and was injured to the point he was done racing for the weekend. Because of the heat soak caused by the red flag my bike intermittently started dropping a cylinder so no money was had at Grattan. We later discovered a leak in a CV carb slide diaphragm. Gary was nice enough to lend me his bike for Sunday at Black Hawk and needless to say my motivation level was quite high.

    If you remember back then WERA was doing heat races on Saturday for grid positions on Sunday. As I was gridded on the last row the start was critical. I got a near perfect launch and for some strange reason the inside stayed open all the way to turn 1. I came out of turn 1 in 2nd or 3rd and knew at that point I had a good chance at some Honda money.

    Those Hurricanes were great bikes and the Honda money made for great fields.


  2. Good stuff Ed.

    I was traveling with Terry Hampton. I drove across from Michigan to Blackhawk, while he converted the bike back from CCS to WERA rules in the back of the van. We stayed at some flea bag $15 a night trucker no-tell motel. I felt creepy crawlies all night. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling great Sunday. Maybe that’s why I had just one roll of film from this race.


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