Texas World – WERA – Oct. 1986

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Team Hammer, with Doug Toland and Peter Carroll, win the Texas World WERA National 8 Hour Endurance over locals Reflected Light Racing (David Bearden, Ricky Delgado and David Reed) and third-place House of Wheels (Ottis Lance, Steve Plentl, Roger Buisjolie and Mike Herzing). B.B. Montemayor won three CRRC/WERA sprint races the next day.


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7 thoughts on “Texas World – WERA – Oct. 1986

  1. Bike #11 is Team Hammer with Doug Toland and Peter Carroll. I’m not sure how to tell them apart.

    Bike #3 is Solmax, but again I don’t know if the rider in the photos are Terry Bailey, Dwayne Palmer or Ronnie Bowen.


  2. Hi Larry, Never been to Texas world but have been enjoying the site. Thanks for bringing back some memories who the hell woulda thought that the 80’s was ever gonna be the old days ? Ron


    1. Thanks Ron,

      Enjoyed getting the chance to cover your comeback to road racing. I’m glad to be able to share these photos. One of the biggest regrets from my racing days, no photos of myself racing.


      1. Do you have any pictures of your racing machinery. That would be interesting.

        Ron is absolutely right, the passing of the last three(!) decades has rather dream like. Old days?


      2. Ed,

        My only race bike was a nearly bone stock 1978 Suzuki GS750, so it wouldn’t be all that informative to look at. It did have a cool custom Yosh Suzuki-like paint job done by my brother-in-law.


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