Blackhawk Farms – WERA – Aug. 1984

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13 thoughts on “Blackhawk Farms – WERA – Aug. 1984

  1. I was very nice seeing a picture of Glen Iles. He was one of the all time greats on the microphone, a true fan. The modest lean angles are pretty funny compared to todays.


    1. The tires then aren’t what they are today, not to mention the fact that Blackhawk never was known as a “traction” track. Glenn was a great guy. He was really gracious to me when I can on the scene. He had been the one covering the races for Cycle News and AR. I think he was happy to be relieved of the job.


  2. #666 (the darker shot) is Rich Doan, currently of Team Yosh. #677 is Brian Marks, one of the original group that I started racing with (including Dave Barnard, and Lee Dunbar). Great to see shots of Lee and Brian, as I don’t think we had many of them. Oddly enough, there isn’t a shot of me from this weekend, although I remember it well. This weekend was my first win.

    Great to see the shots of the scoring girls. Sometimes those candid shots have more meaning.


  3. Regarding the Harlow engine case incident, I remember passing him (picture of me around the outside a little further down the set) 2 turns before he hit the curb and thinking how lucky that was because most of the riders behind him went down. He and I didn’t crash; him because he figured it out, and me because I just passed him. Honestly, to this day I remember it as passing him for the lead. Now I am reminded there was another rider ahead of us. Memories are funny, the older I get, the faster I was!


    1. I remember that race well also. I was leading the Novice class and crashed in turn 6A. As I was pushing the 77 GS750 back to the pit’s, my friend ran up and told me I won the race. The only time I ever crashed and won the race


  4. Does anyone know where Tony Gracy has landed? I had one of my most memorable races of my life with him at Elkhart sometime in ’84.

    I have been waiting for these pictures. I was definitely there that weekend, I remember the Harlow case smashing incident, and I see a picture of my friend John Kangas (544), but I don’t appear to have made it into the back of any of the pictures. Thanks Larry these are awesome!


  5. HAH! There are a few of me #42 riding Jon Kangas’ GPZ550. There was a two hour endurance race this weekend, god it was hot. The picture with Kathleen may be the moment that I barged past her with brakes that had gone completely to mush, I was crushing my two outer fingers. I certainly did not get that close to her many other times.


  6. Hey Ed, believe it or not, THAT’S how I remember you. I totally remember you on that bike that weekend, with the taped on 42. I knew you ran an FZ750 in later years, but what were you running back in ’84 if the GPz wasn’t your bike?


    1. My bike was a silver 1980 GS750. the number plates on the GpZ are from my GS. In image 12 you can see John on the bike with his #544 on it. I am not sure why I am riding his bike with my numbers, When we enduranced to bike I think we ran his number. Maybe we thought it would be a good idea to have me get some practice on his bike for the two hour. I know my engine failed at some point but I don’t think it was until the finals in Atlanta.

      I got the FZ when they came out in the spring of ’85.


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