Blackhawk – WERA – Aug. 1985

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7 thoughts on “Blackhawk – WERA – Aug. 1985

  1. My brush with fame….passed John Kocinski on the Cycle Tech GSXR, going through the carousel…..on Buzz Pritz’s FT500 Ascot. Ok, so it was pouring rain, and John may have been on slicks…..


      1. Would you care to elaborate on your reason. from the point of view of a racer i saw nothing to choose between the two organizations. If anything the CCS races were run in a slightly more professionsl manner. Was that your point did you prefer the lower key family atmosphere of the WERA events, or was it just a time constraint? It is interesting that your photo career (judging by the years listed in your photo year list) appears to begin the same year as CCS.

        How do I by pictures from you?


      2. Ed,

        I’d raced WERA and knew the WERA folks and had a good relationship with them. They had so any races back then it kept me busy and as I recall CCS had others (Gordon Lunde being one of them) who covered the races for Cycle News and American Roadracing. So I really didn’t have any work available to me to go to CCS races.

        To buy the hi-res photo files just give me the race and frame numbers and send $5 per image to my Paypal account


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