Blackhawk Farms Raceway – WERA – Aug. 1989

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Bertagnoli Takes Five, Fenwick Sets New Mark at Blackhawk
By Larry Lawrence
S. Beloit, IL., Aug. 27, 1989

Alan Bertagnoli and Andy Fenwick shared the spotlight in WERA National Sprint action at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. Bertagnoli was brilliant, riding his North Shore Racing/ Supertrapp/Sport Cycle Products FZR 600 and FZR 400 to five hard fought victories. Fenwick only won two races on the day but came away with a new track record turning a 1:12.15 in the regional Formula USA race. That lap turned by Fenwick, broke a two year record (1:13.00) held by Doug Polen.

Bertagnoli wasted no time starting his winning streak. In the very first race of the day B Superbike, Bertagnoli followed Brian Lantz and Phil Pummell on the first lap, before pulling into the lead on lap two. Bertagnoli on his FZR 600, pulled away to an eventual seven second margin of victory. Three riders battled for second. Hurricane 600 mounted Lantz, was out motored by Pummell’s VFR 750 on lap four. Novice Jim Pekowsky raced into the picture on the next lap, first getting Lantz, then making a daring turn four inside pass on Pummell. Pummell was determined not to be out done by a novice and drafted ahead of Pekowsky’s GSXR 750 just before the finish line.

The toughest race of the day for Bertagnoli was C Production. The first four riders in that class had an even start, and were four abreast coming into turn one on the second lap. Bertagnoli won the braking contest and took over the lead. Steve Patterson was hot on Bertagnoli’s heels, followed by Sam Wardrip and Ken Kosieracki. Wardrip crashed unhurt on the next lap and Kosieracki dropped back from the leaders trying to avoid the downed Wardrip. Now it was a two rider duel, both riders on FZR 600’s.

Each lap Patterson was just able to nudge past Bertagnoli at the start/finish line by drafting. Bertagnoli however, was the more daring of the two and would outbrake Patterson going into turn one every time. As the duo took the white flag, it was Patterson in front, then Bertagnoli as they exited turn one. Patterson was in a perfect position to catch Bertagnoli’s draft coming out of turn one, but as they headed out on to the front straightaway Bertagnoli swung out wide on the track and kept Patterson at bay by just inches at the finish. WERA officials felt that Bertagnoli weaved to break the draft (not allowed under WERA rules) and was fined 25 dollars.

Dave Zupan brought up the Human Race Team Formula USA machine for Andy Fenwick ride. “Andy’s here to break the track record.” Zupan calmly stated. The chances of that happening seemed unlikely. The racing surface is really starting to show the affects of the harsh Northern Illinois winters. Many sections have become extremely rough, on top of that there was a lot of oil left on the track from an accident the day before. Ray Yoder was riding well, and his fastest lap turned while winning the A Superstock race on his GSXR 1100 was only 1:15.56.

Fenwick himself thought his chances were slim, but on the fourth lap of the A Superbike race he turned a 1:12.43 then a 1:12.32 on the next lap to establish the new mark. Not surprisingly Fenwick won the race easily over Yoder.

Fenwick wasn’t done, in the regional F/USA race Fenwick turned a 1:12.15. “It kinda’ makes me mad, on the lap that I turned the record I missed two shifts coming down the front straight. If it hadn’t been for that, I might have been able to break into the 1:11’s.” said Fenwick.

A SUPERBIKE EX: 1. Andy Fenwick (YAM); 2. Ray Yoder (SUZ); 3. Phil Pummell (HON)
A SUPERBIKE NOV: 1. Jim Pekowsky (SUZ); 2. John Rinelli (SUZ); 3. Lennie Waltz (SUZ)
B SUPERBIKE EX: 1. Alan Bertagnoli (YAM); 2. Phil Pummell (HON); 3. Brian Lantz (HON)
B SUPERBIKE NOV: 1. Jim Pekowsky (SUZ); 2. John Rinelli (SUZ); 3. Lennie Waltz (SUZ)
C SUPERBIKE EX: 1. Alan Bertagnoli (YAM); 2. Sam Wardrip (YAM); 3. Brian Lantz (HON)
C SUPERBIKE NOV: 1. Scott Seferian (HON); 2. Larry Martin (YAM); 3. Ken Fineis (YAM)
D SUPERBIKE EX: 1. Alan Bertagnoli (YAM); 2. Jeff Vos (YAM); 3. Kurt Koops (YAM)
D SUPERBIKE NOV: 1. Les White (YAM); 2. Greg Hutcheson (YAM); 3. Roy Nicholson (YAM)
FORMULA USA: 1. Andy Fenwick (YAM); 2. Ray Yoder (SUZ); 3. Mike Karm (SUZ)
FORMULA/2 EX: 1. Alan Bertagnoli (YAM); 2. Kurt Koops (YAM); 3. Larry Cohee (YAM)
FORMULA/2 NOV: 1. Greg Hutcheson (YAM); 2. Les White (YAM); 3. Kurt Reuille (YAM)
FORMULA/3 EX: 1. Ralph Farmer (HON); 2. Gordon Hamilton (KAW); 3. Jim Doll (HON)
A PRODUCTION EX: 1. Brian Lantz (HON)
A PRODUCTION NOV: 1. Larry Martin (YAM); 2. Scott Seferian (HON); 3. Robert Rich (SUZ)
B PRODUCTION EX: 1. Tim Morrissey (SUZ); 2. Keith Merryfield (HON); 3. Brian Lantz (HON)
B PRODUCTION NOV: 1. Scott Seferian (HON); 2. Larry Martin (YAM); 3. Ken Fineis (YAM)
C PRODUCTION EX: 1. Alan Bertagnoli (YAM); 2. Steve Patterson (YAM); 3. Keith Merryfield (HON)
C PRODUCTION NOV: 1. Larry Martin (YAM); 2. Scott Seferian (HON); 3. Mark Hutcheson (HON)
D PRODUCTION EX: 1. John Durkin (YAM); 2. David Folz (YAM)
D PRODUCTION NOV: 1. Terry Bandstra (YAM); 2. Robert Rich (YAM); 3. Jeff Brown (YAM)
A SUPERSTOCK: 1. Ray Yoder (SUZ); 2. Mike Karm (SUZ); 3. Jeff McKinney (YAM)
B SUPERSTOCK: 1. Mike Karm (SUZ); 2. Ken Kosieracki (YAM); 3. Jeff Mc Kinney (YAM)
C SUPERSTOCK: 1. Ken Kosieracki (YAM); 2. Jeff McKinney (YAM)
CLULBMAN EX: 1. Robert Tapscott (YAM); 2. David McFarland (SUZ); 3. Gordon Hamilton (KAW)
CLUBMAN NOV: 1. Ken Tapscott (YAM); 2. Carl Morris (HON); 3. George Tapscott (HON)
VINTAGE II: 1. Mark Brown (DUC); 2. Randy Illg (HON); 3. Mike Comfort (BSA)
VINTAGE III: 1. Randy Illg (TRI)
VINTAGE IV: 1. Randy Illg (TRI); 2. Robert Tapscott (YAM); 3. Mark Brown (DUC)
VINTAGE V: 1. Kevin Fardoux (KAW); 2. Dan Voight (HON); 3. Robert Tapscott (YAM)

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