Daytona 1989

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Daytona ’89

Daytona 1989 will be remembered for perhaps the most surprising win ever in the Daytona 200, when most of the factory bikes had problems and John Ashmead ran a steady race to win the race on a three-year-old Honda VFR750. John Kocinski was untouchable in the Daytona 250 Grand Prix race, running away field on his Team Viceroy Roberts Yamaha. Kocinski won the 19-lap race by 44 seconds! Kocinski also made an unforgettable charge from the back of the grid to win the Daytona 600 Supersport race in his first of only two-career appearances in that championship. Jamie James won the 750 Supersport race, this after having his Yoshimura Suzuki pop out of gear when the bike’s shift lever hit the ground. James somehow saved it and worked his way back to draft by David Sadwoski just before the checkered flag. Dale Quarterley (Ferracci Ducati) edged the Commonwealth Honda of Paul Lewis to win the Pro Twins race. Bob Griffiths took the victory in the Pro Twins Modified class.

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One thought on “Daytona 1989

  1. I have known “Jon Jon” since we were kids. Remember him raisin’ hell on his “80” around the neighborhood. He is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. When Pete started helping John, it was the beginning of a career that took him to the ’89 Daytona 200 win. John is a great racer and great person.


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