Talladega – WERA – March 1987

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Larry Lawrence – RiderFiles.com

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9 thoughts on “Talladega – WERA – March 1987

    1. Sure, 118 Bill Benton, 211 Kelly Drew, nice memories, thanks, Bill Benton. That was a fun weekend, the old CB592 Yoshi and me won Vintage IV that day! K. Think we won in April also at the Nationals, little 550 was quick! Pops himself did the head! Fun days for sure! Thanks Larry, appreciate you posting these for us. Dragracing these days,still Honda’s, just 750’s though! OK 915cc! Haha.


      1. That’s Vic Bannister on 17V Norton Commando, beautiful bike, won Vintage IV the year before. Real nice yellow paint job! Bill


    2. Great pictures Larry! Image 156 is Van Lamberty #462. I will be ordering this photo and any others you may have through the 1989 season. If you have any additional photos please email me.


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