Seattle– WERA F-USA – June 1991

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Oliver Supersonic in Seattle
By Larry Lawrence
Kent, WA., June 23, 1991

The sonic boom that was heard in the vicinity Seattle International Raceway was Marlboro Team Roberts rider Rich Oliver breaking the sound barrier on his powerful Yamaha YZR 500 GP machine. Oliver was unstoppable at SIR winning both legs of the Interstate Batteries WERA Formula USA National.Oliver’s teammate Robbie Petersen finished second in both legs, followed by Valvoline Suzuki rider Michael Martin who had a fifth and a third to finish third overall.

Despite of the new F/USA race format of two separate legs implement by WERA at Seattle, the GP bikes of Oliver and Petersen pretty much dominated the weekend. The two-race format was put into place in an effort to give the big four-stroke Superbikes a better chance of staying with the 500’s. The reasoning was that the heavier Superbikes burn up their tires in a long race, giving the feather-weight GP machines an unfair advantage.

The new format proved to be quite successful in the first leg. For most of the race four bikes were in contention for the win, including two Superbikes. In the second leg however, the two Marlboro GP bikes ran away with the race after several of the top Superbike riders crashed out.

The win puts extends Oliver’s points lead in the series over Petersen 74 to 58 with four races remaining. Chuck Graves is a distant third with 44 points.

Air Tech Formula Two
Scott wins in a thriller

Rainey Racing’s Alan Scott won his first WERA Air Tech Formula Two race of the season, in a thriller which saw five racers vying for the lead. With the win Scott moved ahead of teammate Kenny Roberts Jr. by 12 points. It was a bad weekend for KR Jr.. After leading major portions of the race, the 17 year old youngster crashed out and left Seattle with no points. To make matters worse for little Kenny, his Dad was on hand to watch the kid race. Three of the top series contenders, Nick Ienatsch, Chris D’Aluisio and Brad Sawyer, missed the Seattle round.

Dunlop Superstock
Pittman pounds competition

Joe Pittman showed several of the riders in the WERA Supersport Series that race the series nationally, that they’re lucky that he lives up in a remote corner of the country. If Pittman were to travel more outside of the Northwest, it might put a dent in the pocketbook of several of the series regulars.
Pittman dominated the A Superstock and the B Superstock on his Dunlop/Shoei/Dyno Jet/Kerker/Valvoline/Fox/RK Chain sponsored Suzuki GSXR’s.
In the A Superstock race, Pittman blasted away from the start and pulled sharply away from a second place battle between Kurt Hall and Doug Renfrow. Chuck Graves was running fourth when he lunched his motor after three laps.
Pittman pulled away to a convincing win, while Hall edged out Renfrow at the finish.
Graves has been one of the few guys able to beat Pittman at SIR. In the B Superstock race Graves led most of the first lap. Pittman passed Graves on the outside of the last carousel to take the lead.
Graves stayed close for a few laps, but Pittman continually would gain at certain sections of the track and he pulled out to a nine second win at the end.
It was a profitable day for Pittman who won contingency money from Suzuki and Dunlop.

Metzeler WERA Future Stars Series
Schraner dominates

Milwaukie, Oregon rider Peter Schraner led start to finish in the Future Stars race at Seattle International Raceway. Schraner, riding a Cycle Sports of Salem/Engine by Chuck sponsored Yamaha FZR 600, turned consistent 1:35’s to pull away from Brian Honcoop.
At the start Honcoop was a little eager and nearly looped the bike over. Schraner quickly jumped out front and steadily ran away from the rest of the field.
Schraner, 23, is a second year roadracer who runs mainly at Portland. His own bike was being worked on so he borrowed a friends bike, replaced the body work with his own and went out and won by a half lap.
“This is definitely the biggest win I’ve had so far,” said a happy Schraner. “I was hoping to do well at Willow but we had fuel pump problems.”

SBS/Performance Machine WERA National Endurance Series: Round 7
Team Suzuki’s back-up team wins

In the mid-60’s UCLA’s basketball team won the National Championship but actually had only the second best team in the country. That was the year Lew Alcindor (later NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) was on UCLA’s freshman team, which defeated the varsity team in an exhibition.
Team Suzuki is on there way to a record seventh WERA Endurance Championship, yet they may have a better team sitting on the side-lines. It is young Donald Jacks who is the star rider waiting to show his stuff. He teamed with former two-time U.S. Superbike Champion Wes Cooley to upset Team Suzuki Endurance’s primary team at Seattle International Raceway.
Jacks and Cooley wanted to ride in the WERA six Hour race at Seattle International Raceway so the back-up Valvoline Suzuki was put into service. Much to the surprise of everyone, Jacks and Cooley came out on top with a 20 second margin of victory after six hours of racing.

O/A:1. Team Suzuki Endurance II (Suz); 2. Team Suzuki Endurance (Suz); 3. Hutchins Garage Racing (Yam); 4. Renfrow/Littlejohn (Kaw); 5. Force Racing (Yam)
6. Pettibon Racing (Yam); 7. Team Lips (Suz); 8. Team Pasta Marin (Yam); 9. Madness Racing (Yam); 10. Long Beach Yamaha (Yam); 11. Double E Racing (Suz); 12. Three Men & A Bike (Yam); 13. Arclight Racing (Hon); 14. SB Racing (Hon); 15. Team Hawaii (Yam); 16. Brisco Racing (Yam); 17. S.I.H.O. Racing (Hon); 18. Flying Aces (Suz); 19. Team Lou Saare Body Shop (Yam); 20. Cannon Racing (Hon); 21. Hi Hopes (Yam); 22. Cloud 9 Racing (Hon); 23. Team Belchfire II (Yam); 24. The Performance Lab Racing (Yam); 25. Team Belchfire (Yam); 26. East Side Motorsports (Yam); 27. Team Control Tech(Yam); 28. Flashlight Racing (Yam); 29. M&R Racing (Kaw); 30. Team Rennvergnugen (Hon); 31. Hundreth Monkey Racing (Suz); 32. Thunder Struck Racing (Yam); 33. Team Extreme (Hon); 34. Roswell Racing (Suz); 36. Poor Boy (Kaw); 37. Team Torco (Yam).
H/W/S/BK: 1. Team Suzuki Endurance II; 2. Team Suzuki Endurance; 3. Hutchins Garage Racing; 4. Renfrow/Littlejohn; 5. Team Lips.
H/W/PROD: 1. Force Racing; 2. Flying Aces; 3. Team Control Tech; 4. M&R Racing; 5. Poor Boy.
M/W/S/BK: 1. Pettibon Racing; 2. Team Pasta Marin; 3. Madness Racing; 4. Long Beach Racing; 5. Three Men & A Bike.
M/W/PROD: 1. Arclight Racing; 2. Brisco Racing: 3. Cannon Racing; 4. Cloud 9 Racing; 5. Flashlight Racing.
L/W: Team Lou Saare Body Shop; 2. Hi Hopes; 3. Team Belchfire II.
WERA NATIONAL ENDRUANCE POINT STANDINGS: 1. Team Suzuki Endurance (1024.13); 2. Force Racing (738.13); 3. Hall ‘N Still Racing (650.93); 4. Roswell Racing (593.94); 5. Team Lips (564.99); 6. Madness Racing (523.42); 7. Team Pasta (491.84); 8. Arclight Racing (478.89); 9 Long Beach Yamaha (415.00); 10. Team Belchfire (363.66).

Formula USA Leg 1: 1. Rich Oliver; 2. Robbie Petersen; 3. Joe Pittman; 4. Donald Jacks; 5. Michael Martin (Suz); 6. Britt Turkingtonp; 7. Doug Renfrow; 8. Brian Bernard; 9. Scott Gray; 10. Joe Brett Williams.
Formula USA Leg 2: 1. Rich Oliver; 2. Robbie Petersen; 3. Michael Martin; 4. Chuch Graves; 5. Doug Renfrow; 6. Scott Gray; 7. Brian Bernard; 8. Joe Brett Williams; 9. Steve Littlejohn; 10. Adam Fassett.
Overall Formula USA: 1. Rich Oliver (Yam); 2. Robbie Petersen (Yam); 3. Michael Martin (Suz); 4. Doug Renfrow (Suz); 5. Chuch Graves (Suz); 6. Scott Gray (Suz); 7. Brian Bernard (Yam); 8. Joe Brett Williams (Hon); 9. Joe Pittman (Yam); 10. Steve Littlejohn (Suz); 11. Britt Turkington (Suz); 12. Donald Jacks (Suz); 13. Adam Faussett (Suz); 14. Sean Smythe (Hon); 15. Chris Callan (Suz); 16. Paul Vogel (Yam); 17. Mark Haskins (Suz); 18. Peter Small (Hon); 19. Michael McBrady (Suz); 20. Jeff Hagan (Suz).
Formula II: 1. Alan Scott (Yam); 2. Don Greene (Yam); 3. Mike Sullivan (Yam); 4. Brian Bernard (Hon); 5. Peter Wensloff (Yam); 6. Ben Williams (Yam); 7. Chuch Sorensen (Yam); 8. Ross Hahn (Yam); 9. Todd Bowman (Hon); 10. Steve Dahlstrom (Yam).
A Superstock: 1. Joe Pittman (Suz); 2. Kurt Hall (Suz); 3. Doug Renfrow (Suz); 4. Mark Haskins (Suz); 5. Mike Krynock (Suz); 6. Skipper Nilsen (Yam).
B Superstock: 1. Joe Pittman (Suz); 2. Chuck Graves (Suz); 3. Mike Sullivan (Suz); 4. David Duprey (Suz); 5. Michael Martin (Suz); 6. Adam Fassett (Suz); 7. Dale Kieffer (Suz); 8. Shawn Roberti (Suz)l; 9. Paul Haarrell (Kaw); 10. Ed Sadvar (Suz); 11. Ed Sorbo (Suz); 12. Andy McKay (Suz); 13. Peter Small (Hon); 14. Michael Benson (Yam); 15. James Bailey (Suz); 16. Jonathan Wetzel (Kaw); 17. John Burden (Yam); 18. Arden Friesen (Yam).
C Superstock: 1. Bruce Lind (Hon); 2. Dale Kiefer (Yam); 3. Tim Heale (Yam); 4. Alan Schwen (Yam)p; 5. David Stanton (Hon); 6. J. Andrew Milton; 7. John Heale (Yam); 8. Billy Vassiliou (Yam); 9. Doug Kadler (Yam); 10. Richard Matthews (Yam); 11. John Burden (Yam); 12. Arden Friesen (Yam); 13. Peter Mison (Hon); 14. Berks Jeff (Hon).
WERA FUTURE STAR: 1. Peter Schraner (Yam); 2. Brian Honcoop (Yam); 3. Steve Atamanchur (Yam); 4. Brian Lester (Hon); 5. Kevin Pittman (Hon); 6. Bill Krant (Yam).

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