Elkhart Lake – WERA – Aug. 1984

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11 thoughts on “Elkhart Lake – WERA – Aug. 1984

      1. Probably heavy or unlimited GP. The GP classes in those days caught a little of everything. The really outrageous machines were the homemades. Although the starting point of the bikes the were so bad that as long as you made it solid it probably couldn’t be much worse than stock.

        there was a funny “fabricated” feature on a 750 Seca, the guy had welded a large “nut” on the left end of the crank, which interfaced with a hand held car starter, which is how they started it. I don’t know if this is the same 750 Seca that was in one of my races, but that thing wobbled so bad down the “straight” before Canada corner that I refused to get near him.


  1. the rider on the backroad bandits bike #64 on the Oct, Elkhart lake section was my friend Matt Washington.


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