Start of 1980 Daytona 200


The start of the 1980 Daytona 200. ( Photo Collection)

Check out the people lining pit wall for the start of the 1980 Daytona 200. It looks like pole winner Kenny Roberts (No. 2) and Freddie Spencer (No. 8) – who qualified second – are getting the jump on the rest of the 78-rider field. That year the race featured an interesting mix of 500cc & 750cc two-strokes and 1000cc four-strokes.

It was an incredibly talented grid of riders.

From left to right you can see Graeme Crosby (No. 316 Yoshimura Suzuki), John Long (No. 36 Longevity Racing Yamaha), Wes Cooley (No. 34 Yoshimura Suzuki), Rich Schlachter (No. 48 Castrol Yamaha), Dale Singleton (No. 30 White/Beaulieu Yamaha), Eddie Lawson (No. 21 Moriwaki Kawasaki), Boet Van Dulman (No. 327 Yamaha), Mark Jones (No. 39 Bob Jones Yamaha), Gene Romero (No. 3 Busch Beer Special Yamaha), Freddie Spencer (No. 8 Howard Racing Yamaha), Patrick Pons (No. 303 Sonauto-Gauloises Yamaha) and Kenny Roberts (No. 2 Yamaha USA Yamaha).

Pons went on to win the race over Singleton and Von Dulman.

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