Springsteen Strong in 1986 Daytona 200


Jay Springsteen leads Anders Andersson in the 1986 Daytona 200. Springsteen, better known as a flat tracker, showed he had chops on the pavement as well, finishing fifth in the 200 that year. (Henny Ray Abrams photo)

When you hear the name Jay Springsteen you think iconic flat track champion, but “Springer” was quite a decent road racer as well. In 1986 he raced the Daytona 200 on the Super Team Yamaha FZ750. The Super Team was formed in 1985 at first to give leading AMA Grand National Flat Track racers a shot at racing Superbike. The team lasted a couple of seasons and featured riders like Ricky Graham, Lance Jones, Jimmy Filice and others. Springsteen proved he was up to the task by finishing a very solid fifth in the 1986 Daytona 200, won by Eddie Lawson.

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