Randy Marrs Racing Photos





9 thoughts on “Randy Marrs Racing Photos

    1. Mr. Marrs, my name is Zach Stanton, my father was Dave Stanton that worked at the foreign car shop and raced motorcycles back in the day. I believe he was mentioned in the story. I have several pictures of those forgotten days. Not sure if you would care to see them, but let me know. Zastanton1976@gmail.com


  1. Thanks so much Randy for the photos. The one with South Florida Racing and the rider Rick Shaw was so cool. The name of the dealer on the windscreen SO. Dade Yamaha was the shop I worked at when Rick was sponsored there. Such great memories.

    Sad he’s no longer with us. RIP Rick.


  2. Yeah, great for sure. thanks for making these available. Interesting to me as I looked through, stopping every fourth or fifth for a closer look, was that for several of these my mind produced immediate concurrent smells and sounds to accompany them. That doesn’t happen when I look at contemporary pics… good, and interesting ones though they be. Early memories imprint differently than others. Maybe that’s the allure of bean oil, leather and two strokes even when inferior to present tech. Life is deep and wonderful at all parts of the arc. Thanks for dialing these memories in for me today.


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