Video of Willow Springs AFM race from June of 1986

Former leading Willow Springs racer Billy DeBere was good enough to send us some old recordings from his VHS collection of AFM club racing from Willow Springs in 1986. Here’s the first video from the set that we’ve posted.

In the opening race, 600 Stock Production and 450 Stock Production, some of the riders mentioned are – Dean Mizdal, Malcolm Hill, Chuck Waychoff, Don Canet, Steve Cardillo and Chuck Aksland.

Then just after the 13-min mark, we see the 750 Stock Production class featured Richard Moore and Don Canet. Others mentioned are in the Open Modified Production class are Dave Sartorious, Marty Siegel and Chris Steward.

At the 25-min mark you get the combined Open GP/F1/F2 race. Riders mentioned in this combined race are Brian Brinkman, Jeff Stern, Pat Ryan and others.

There are more races to come and Billy said he’s sending me even more tapes. So stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Video of Willow Springs AFM race from June of 1986

  1. Thank you for posting the video of dean Mizdal, he was a friend I grew up with during High School and was at these races. David from Costa Mesa in 86.


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