Indiana-based Matt Davidson/Metalhead Racing to Contest Vegas-to-Reno Off-Road Event in August, But Needs Your Help to Race for the Kids

Davidson was motivated to return to racing after son’s leukemia went into remission

Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson is shown taking delivery of his new/leftover 2017 Honda CRF450X at Dreyer Motorsports South in the Indianapolis area in January 2019. Matt will be coming out of retirement to ‘race for the kids’ who have contracted cancer to contest the Vegas to Reno 600 off road race August 14-17. Photo courtesy of Matt Davidson/Metalhead Racing, Morgantown, IN.

Press release for immediate release

Morgantown, IN. – February 20, 2019 – Matt Davidson is on a mission and has decided to return to off-road racing after a five-year absence from the sport. After hanging it up due to his son’s diagnosis of

leukemia back in 2014, and with his son’s illness now in remission, he has decided to head west in August and pursue his dream of ‘racing for the kids who have contracted cancer’ and endure a solo ride in one of the most grueling off-road races known as the Vegas-to-Reno 600.

A former off-road racer in Indiana, Davidson used to race a Honda XR650 back in the day, competing in the Baja 500 & 1000 off-road events, among others. Since that time, the weapon of choice for off-roading has morphed into the highly successful Honda CRF450X. With a little help from current sponsors Dreyer South Motorsports, where he purchased a new leftover 2017 Honda CRF450X and UnaBiker, a company that specializes in special guards and skid plates for off-roading, he has a start to get him to Nevada late this summer. But he needs a lot more to help him complete his journey. “A lot of people are telling me I’m too old or I’ve been away too long to be able to do this,” stated Matt, “but that just gets me more motivated when I hear those things, especially after going through what I have with my son and being a lifeline flight medic and seeing what people and kids go through everyday in life. I’m going to display a lot of the kids’ names on my helmet that went through cancer treatments locally here in the Johnson County area just south of Indianapolis.”

The General Tire ‘Vegas to Reno’ Presented by Fox off-road race is considered one of the most grueling of races in the United States, if not in the world, what could be likened to America’s version of the Dakar Rally, but only covering a one-day period instead of almost two weeks time like what Dakar riders go through. Riders race the near-600 mile event, taking care of the mechanics of the vehicle along the way, fueling up and navigating through the desert to their final destination. The race can take a solo rider between 12-16 hours to complete and draws over 300 entries each year. Davidson is up to the task, but needs more financial backing in order to complete his journey.

“I just took delivery of the bike within the last two weeks and am in the process of tearing it down and getting it ready for the event in just six months time,” continued Davidson, “but it’s an expensive process, let alone the cost of getting there and actually taking part in this huge event. At this point the only other sponsorship I have is a verbal commitment with Dunlop Tire, so any help I could get is a huge step to complete my venture. I’ve been training rigorously and have lost 35 pounds so far, so not only am I in the process of getting my program ready, I’m getting myself ready as well!”

You can follow and contact Matt and his Metalhead Racing effort via the links below, and any help along the way to help him complete his journey would be a big step in getting him to Vegas in August for him to ‘race for the kids!’

Contact info: 

Matt Davidson/cell 317-538-3691

Matt’s Facebook page (follow along to see his progress on his build)

Matt’s Twitter feed:

Best in the Desert Racing Association 2019 schedule (sanctioning body of the Vegas to Reno event):

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Mike ‘Stu’ Stuhler
Stu’s Shots
10826 Riverwood Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN. 46234-7686


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