Dick Mann Talks Motorcycle Racing History

Dick Mann in 1980 at Daytona, being interviewed on the 10th anniversary of his win in the Daytona 200 aboard a Honda. It was Mann’s first win at the prestigious race after years of trying and it was also Honda’s first victory in the event. (Larry Lawrence Photo Collection)

Dick Mann wasn’t only one of the most accomplished motorcycle racers in history, he was also a historian of the sport. Dick could talk knowledgeably about any era of American racing. I never really knew why until I went back and re-listened to this 1999 phone interview I did with him. In this clip he tells of his first job in motorcycling and how that gave him such a strong base of knowledge. He talks of the golden era of racing in America and then when he thought it blossomed again late in his career. He also speaks of why he believes most manufacturers race.

Keep in mind this interview was strictly for me to do a print article on Dick, it really wasn’t meant for public consumption, but since I never got a chance to go out and do a proper video interview to preserve history, these less formal phone conversations will have to suffice.

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