Poovey and Kopp Battle in Formula USA

Terry Poovey (No. 1) and Joe Kopp (No. 3) battle during a Formula USA National Dirt Track race in Rochester, NH, in June of 2002. (Henny Ray Abrams photo)

Fans of Rider Files will recall the old Formula USA Road Racing Series, the run-what-you-brung championship that spawned nitrous-booster monster machines vs full-blown GP bikes and everything in between. Fewer may recall the related F-USA Dirt Track Series that came a bit later. Memory is already a bit hazy, but I believe the unique twist in this championship was 600cc framers could run against the big twins, like Harley’s XR750, head to head. I think the 600s often won as well. This photo is from the race in Rochester NH, during Loudon’s Bike Week in 2002. It shows Terry Poovey (No. 1) and Joe Kopp (No. 3) battling side by side, along with other riders in the scene. It’s hard these days to find info on just you won F-USA Dirt Track titles. Perhaps someone will recall and mention you won the championships in the comments below.

One thought on “Poovey and Kopp Battle in Formula USA

  1. I can’t remember who won the series. I remember Jennifer Snyder got her first National win in the series. I was at this race, the local star was Aaron Creamer, #64 who later died in a crash at Rapid City during Sturgis Bike Week. JR Schnabel #38 is also in this photo and I think #20x would be Jared Mees.


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