Interview with Peter Jones, Moto-Journalist and author of “The Bad Editor”

I’ve known Peter Jones since his WERA racing days some 30-odd years ago in WERA. It wasn’t long afterwards he began writing for motorcycle magazines and he quickly became one the rising stars in American motorcycle journalism.

Peter wrote for the “glossies” during the heyday of motorcycles sales in America. It was a time when manufacturers spent ever more lavishly when introducing their new models to the press every year and according to Peter, it even got the point where bribes were being offered to help insure good reviews.

Peter Jones in action during his road racing days. (Larry Lawrence photo)

There was some famously outlandish behavior at these “intros” and at times Jones was right in there with the rest of what had become in large part, a very entitled motoring press corps. It was a helluva a time for all involved, even though at times things went a bit overboard.

Peter talks about that incredibly unique period of motorcycle journalism in his new book, The Bad Editor: Collected Columns and Untold Tales of Bad Behavior.

The book also features a great set of columns Peter wrote for various magazines over the years.

It’s a great read. I highly recommend it.

We caught up with Peter to talk about his career and his book. We had some glitches trying to get the interview recorded and Peter was a little low on volume in the early part of the interview (my fault), but be patient, it does improve after a few minutes.

You can learn more about the book here: The Bad EditorLarry Lawrence

One thought on “Interview with Peter Jones, Moto-Journalist and author of “The Bad Editor”

  1. Good stuff Larry and Peter. You guys should do a podcast with the old bad boy road racers. Now that everyone is so old we can tell the truth and laugh are asses off.
    Who is John Ulrich?


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