Pascal Picotte’s Ducati Superbike Restored

Matt Buckhold just sent in some photos that made my day. Matt bought an ex-Pascal Picotte 2002 Ducati 998R Superbike with an eye towards restoring the race bike. It took over four years, but check out the results!

Matt said, “I’ve been living and breathing the restoration of this bike.  Found it in December 2016 and it’s been a long (but fun) journey restoring it.

“Mark Sutton at DucShop (who, ironically, was crew chief at HMC that year) rebuilt the engine.  Jason LeCavalier in Wisconsin did the paint.  I met with Terry Gregoricka and he still had a stash of parts from 2002 which filled in a handful of missing things.

“I ended up using a guy in the UK for a few of the decals and was fortunate to find a small shop near me that was patient enough to work with me on the design development and printing of the rest of them. The restoration effort began with the acquisition of the bike… a lot of the time was spent searching for parts as very, very few of the parts were shared with the street bikes.”

As you can tell by these photos, Matt’s efforts have paid off and the bike is gorgeous. Great to see a piece of AMA Superbike history being restored to its former glory.

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