Daytona Supercross Gate Drop (1979)

A great shot of the start of the 1979 Daytona Supercross. It’s a little hard to tell from this angle, but it looks like either factory Honda’s Marty Tripes (No. 48) or Suzuki’s Danny LaPorte (No. 14) have nailed the holeshot. You see defending champ Bob Hannah (No. 1) on his Yamaha on the far left. You can just make out Kent Howerton (No. 17) behind Hannah. Then there’s Gregory Robertson (No. 78 Can-Am), Darrell Shultz (No. 20 Suzuki), Steve Stackable (No. 18), Tripes (No. 48), Steve Wise (No. 15 Honda), Mickey Boone (No. 25 Kawasaki), and LaPorte (No. 14). Jimmy Weinert famously took the victory over Hannah and Tripes. Hannah led most of the race, but mis-read a pit board that read 1P, for first place, but Hannah thought it said 10, for a 10 second lead. “So when I saw the front wheel come in, I thought it was some lapper playing games,” Hannah said. Nope, that was “The Jammer” coming by for the surprising victory. ( Photo Collection)

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