Nobles Leads Willow Springs Formula Xtreme Start (1998)

I’ve said it before, but I just love these start shots where you can see the entire field of racers. This is the start of the Pirelli AMA Formula Xtreme race at Willow Springs in April of 1998. Erion Racing Honda’s Tripp Nobles nailed the start and leads the pack into the first turn. Then comes Mike Smith (No. 68) and Valvoline/EMGO Suzuki teammate Tray Batey (No. 3). You can just make out Eric Bostrom (No. 17) on another Erion Racing Honda, Mark Miller (No. 24) alongside Graves Motorsports Yamaha teammate and boss Chuck Graves (No. 9). That’s Michael Taylor on the No. 15 Canadian Kawasaki. That’s Curtis Adams in the black leathers on an early Attack Performance Yamaha. Rich Stanboli and the Attack boys have certainly gone on to great things. That’s Mario Duhamel (Miguel’s “younger” brother – funny story there because he was really older) in the middle in the bright pink/orange leathers and black helmet. You can also see Jack Pfeifer behind No. 15 in the aqua blue leathers. In the purplish leathers behind EBoz is Dean Vincent on another Attack Performance-sponsored Yamaha and behind him is Cory Call. The second group of riders is headed up by Chris Voelker (No. 64). Chris finished as the top privateer in this race with an impressive seventh-place result. Kevin Holman (No. 30), David Perez (No. 75), Ben Welch (No. 10), Dean Mizdal (No. 38), Frank Prins (No. 104), Tyler Paulson (No. 105), Stephen Hewitt ((No. 128) and Stephen Hansen (No. 193) can also be seen. Bostrom won the race ahead of Batey and Smith. (Henny Ray Abrams photo)

One thought on “Nobles Leads Willow Springs Formula Xtreme Start (1998)

  1. The rest of the story: Miguel Duhamel was smoking hot in the mid-’90s, so they started shopping his brother Mario around to teams here in America. They dubbed Mario as Miguel’s younger brother in hopes that would give him a better shot at landing a good ride. I went up to Miguel once and asked him, “Hey, what’s this about Mario being your younger brother.” He just smiled and put his finger up to his mouth, signaling me to keep quiet about it. I don’t feel bad telling the story nearly 30 years later. 🙂


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