Carr’s Most Impressive Road Race Accomplishment?

Chris Carr racing the Muzzy Raptor to an amazing runner-up finish in the AMA Formula Xtreme race in 1998. (Henny Ray Abrams photo)

What was the most amazing thing multi-time flat track champ Chris Carr ever did on a road race bike? Many people would argue putting the Harley Davidson VR1000 on the pole in the AMA Superbike race at Pomona in 1996 was top of the charts, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

While the Harley pole was probably the most impressive feat Carr ever pulled off in a road race weekend, I would argue that perhaps equally august was his finish in the AMA Pirelli Formula Xtreme at Laguna Seca in 1998. After two years on the factory Harley Superbike, Carr was left without a road race ride at the start of ’98 and decided to head back to AMA Grand National Flat Track racing (now called American Flat Track).

But then came an opportunity to race the Muzzy Kawasaki Raptor at Laguna Seca and Carr proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that some team should have signed him to road race after his Harley ride.

Carr, hopped on the Muzzy machine and finished a very solid second to Tripp Nobles on the completely sorted Erion Racing Honda.

It is not well remembered today, but in my mind Carr, coming off the flat track circuit and scoring second in the highly competitive AMA FX Series was not only one of Carr’s career highlights, but one of the most impressive rides in the history of AMA National Road Racing.

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