Toe Versus Knee Scrapers

This photo of some of the top runners in the 1979 Daytona Superbike race, illustrates the difference in lean angle of early Superbikes versus today’s. John Bettencourt leads this group, just ahead of then defending series champ Reg Pridmore. Then comes Kerry Bryant and Carl Smith. Bryant and Smith are dragging their toes in order to gauge lean angle. It looks like Bryant had a lot of duct tape on his boot to give him a little extra wear. Bettencourt and Pridmore have their toes tucked in tight to the bike and are edging closer to the knee-dragging style that would gradually take over the sport. Bettencourt topped this group, finishing sixth that day. Bryant was seventh, Smith 10th. Pridmore’s Vetter Kawasaki threw a chain on the final lap and he finished 16th. (Gary Van Voorhis photo)

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