Mike Baldwin the Fan

Mike Baldwin at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza in 1986, taking video of classic GP bikes and riders of the 1950s and ‘60s taking to the track for a lap of honor. It turned out to be a great weekend for Baldwin. He finished on the podium (third) behind winner Eddie Lawson and Baldwin’s Team Lucky Strike Roberts teammate Randy Mamola. Incidentally, being a fan of 1980s electronics, I recognize the camera in Baldwin’s hand – it’s a Sony CCD-M8U. That was the first Handycam video recorder and the original predecessor to the small camcorders we have today. This recorder was the hot item to have in ’86 and they cost about $1100 (about $2800 in today’s dollars). I wonder if Baldwin still has the footage he shot that day? (Paul Carruthers photo)

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