Kevin Cameron, Andres Lascoutx and John Jacobson at Loudon

Another in the John Jacobson Photo Collection Series. Kevin Cameron overlooks Andres Lascoutx’s Yamaha TD at Loudon sometime circa 1967. That’s “Mr. Big” as Kevin called him, Boston Cycles owner and team sponsor John Jacobson on the right. Kevin, who said he just attended a memorial for John (who passed away in December), recalls of Andres, or Andy as he calls him. “The Boston area’s two best riders (at one time about 7 people were running TD Yams there) were Andy and Frank Camillieri. Andy decided to try Europe in 1966 and got as high as 5th in the German GP when the slide guide in one of his carbs broke and the loose piece entered the engine. After that he was in California, discovered the hippie revolution and that was pretty much it.”

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