Muzzy and Sons

How cool is this? Billy Oliver (No. 69Q) and his brother Rick Oliver (No. 16Q) after a race at Benton Lane Park in Monroe, Oregon. The rider in the middle with #117 on his helmet is none other than Rob Muzzy! Billy and Rick are Rob’s stepson’s with his late wife Ruby. Rob said he thinks it was the only time all three of them raced together before adding he thinks he won! Sometime in the 1973-75 period. OK Rob, fess up. Who had the fastest bike? 🙂

One thought on “Muzzy and Sons

  1. Wow!!!
    It look like that’s a TT? And Rob is on a Yamaha TT500.

    So cool to see stuff like that.

    Wouldn’t have mattered who had the fastest bike Rob would have the most desire to win….


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