Kopp, Hardin & Kopp

Bob Kopp, Chuck Hardin and Norm Kopp are pictured on their Triumphs after the trio all finished inside the top 10 in the Inland Empire Sports Riders Association point standings in 1965. All three rode out of Empire Cycle in Spokane, Washington. Bob finished 9th in the final standings, Chuck 5th and Norm was series champ. Along the way Norm won the 50-Mile Cross Country All Comers race at Omak, Washington, and the 250cc Hillclimb at Spokane. Chuck took victory in 250cc Idaho State Championship Hillclimb at Orofino and the same class at Kellogg, Idaho. Bob scored the win in the 100-Mile All-Comers Northwest Championship race at Kiona, Washington. Bob and Norm were brothers from Mica, Washington, and Chuck was the son of Dave Hardin, owner of Empire Cycle. (Cycle News photo)

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