Road Atlanta Pro Thunder Start (1999)

Road Atlanta AMA Progressive Insurance Pro Thunder start in June of 1999 with Billy Graef (No. 7) on his Buell and Eric Wood (No. 36) on his Ducati getting the jump on the rest of the field. Wood went on to win the race in a thriller over another Ducati rider Shawn Conrad (No. 40). Shawn Higbee (No. 3) was third on a Buell. Others in this start include Dave Estok (No. 2), James Lickwar (partially hidden behind Graef), Bill St. John (No. 8), Pat Mooney (behind Higbee), Thomas Fournier (behind St. John), Tom Hull (the second rider behind Higbee), Michael Gage (No. 92), Robert Gonzales (in black helmet in front of No. 65), Richie Morris (No. 65), Cory Call (third rider behind Higbee) and Robert Robbins (No. 39). (Henny Ray Abrams photo)

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