Sears Point 1986

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11 thoughts on “Sears Point 1986

  1. I think you have 1987 here, not 1986, I finished 11th and Jeff stern finished 10th in the Superbike race, you may want to double ck.


  2. According to my records,Sears had two AMA races in 84 and 85,the second event being the Pro AM races.

    !986 had a single event held May 17/18

    I have a race program from three AMA races in 86 so I’ll look up some names with those numbers on Friday,


  3. In looking closely at the photo of Van Zuyle I’d say that is Brauneck mostly hidden behind based on the dark shield,white helmet and yellow leathers


  4. picture #105 should be rider number 88 Mike Harth with Shobert following

    Larry I don’t see details well anymore so if in some of those group start shot if you give me numbers I can check my programs to ID who’s who.

    Having an 1986 Daytona program (was there having ridden my 86 Moto Guzzi Lario) which gives numbers assigned for 86,which to me is a gold mine no one sold a more complete rider break down than Daytona


    1. Thanks Gary. I’m quite certain #88 is not Harth. I know that was his number, but I’m almost 100 percent that’s not him. The only thing I can think of is Shobert signed up for the endurance race and used it for practice or something like that. I’m guess that #88 is one of the endurance teams.


  5. Larry………..that makes sense that is not Harth,my Sears program almost doesn’t mention the Endurance race at all except for a listing in the race schedule,even the vintage class had a small listing of entered riders.


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