A Look at the Gene Romero Memorial Gathering

This in from Chris Agajanian:

Well we pulled that one off…. Big sigh of relief.

We succeeded in converting that motorcycle dealership into an exciting and entertaining venue for the day.  The music, the Slideshow, the Memorabilia room (a portion of which is attached), that beautiful black and white checkered flag we stood around and the wonderful heart felt speeches, all together, made for an extraordinary and glorious day.

Thank you all for the sincere and genuine friendship that you all displayed by supporting Gene’s Day.

He was (and remains for everyone who ever met him*) a very bright light in their lives. He had a TON of good influence on a TON of people … that’s one of the best things that can be said about any life….doug stokes

I have some memorial programs remaining. If any of you want one or two, give me an address and I’d be glad to send them.


We sold 600 shirts and 300 meals. Cheri cried when I gave her the proceeds. (I would have cried too).

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Slideshow, here is the link. Its, three songs long:

Sammy may have had a sprocket accident. Looks like a finger is missing. We may now know why Kenny was so fast. It looks like he has 8 fingers on his throttle hand.



Poignant picture, thanks again you guys…..chris

One thought on “A Look at the Gene Romero Memorial Gathering

  1. Gene was proud of his ‘memorial’, as were all whom attended !! Thanks Chris and all who supported the day; and Tom Hicks. Best I have attended. RIP Gene


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