Ken Roczen Gets a “Clean” Start (2014)

Ken Roczen (No. 94) shows the importance of getting a good start in a mud race as shown here from the Indiana MX National in Crawfordsville, IN, in 2014. Roczen is about the only rider not covered in mud just 100 yards or so away from the starting gate. Roczen went on to win the 450MX overall that day with a 1-2. Other riders visible in the shot are (from L to R) Brett Metcalfe (No. 24), Matthew Goerke (No. 44), Ryan Sipes (No. 39), Mitchell Oldenburg (No. 62), Eli Tomac (No. 3), Trey Canard (No. 41) and Ryan Dungey (No. 5). Canard and Dungey finished second and third respectively. (Larry Lawrence photo)

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