Cycle Tech Wins WERA National Endurance Championship (1985)

Cycle Tech Racing celebrates winning the 1985 WERA National Endurance Championship at the ’85 WERA GNF at Road Atlanta. Cycle Tech used the potent Suzuki GSX-R750 a year before the bike was available in the U.S. and had three major racing talents in John Kocinski (left), David Aldana (kneeling) and Joey Osowski (on bike) and beat their main rival Team Hammer to score the No. 1 plate. Wes Cooley was originally slated to ride for the team, but was seriously injured at an AMA National at Sears Point early that season, so the team brought on a 16-year-old Kocinski, who turned out to generally be the fastest of the three team riders at most races. Cycle Tech won the championship that season and then the team disbanded shortly afterwards and did not make an attempt to defend their title. (Gary Van Voorhis photo)

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