Randy de Puniet at Australian MotoGP (2012)

Randy de Puniet racing his Power Electronics Aspar ART (Aprilia Racing Technology) at the Phillip Island Circuit in Australia, during the MotoGP race there in 2012. The ART GP12 was Aprilia’s re-entry into MotoGP taking advantage of the newly introduced Claiming Rule Team (CRT) category in MotoGP. The ART GP12 used an Aprilia RSV4 production-based motor. De Puniet regularly earned world championship points that season, including three top-10 finishes. His best result was 8th (twice) and he ended the season ranked 13th in the world championship.
📷Henny Ray Abrams #motogp #aprilia #randydepuniet #phillipislandcircuit #artmotogp

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