Marty Tripes on the Stunning Honda RC250

Other motocross bikes may have earned more wins and actually have been better race bikes, but most motocross fans of the 1970s will freely admit, when the factory Honda’s rolled out of the truck it was something special. The all-red machines (even the swingarm!) were just stunning visually compared to the other bikes. Here’s Hall of Famer Marty Tripes on his factory Honda RC250 en route to victory in the first moto of the FIM 250cc USGP at Unadilla in 1979. The heat caught up with Marty in the second moto and he pulled out of the race. Bob Hannah won the second moto, but Kent Howerton won the overall by aggregate time. I’ve seen a lot of images of the factory RC250, but for my money this stunning capture by Paul Schwab is the best action shot I’ve ever seen of the bike. One thing is for sure, the Honda factory motocross bikes of the 1970s will forever be etched in the minds of those who were prviledged to see them race in person. (Paul Schwab photo)

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